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Capezio 1137W-PTP

Developpe Pointe Shoes - #5.5 Shank


The moderate toe lends well to those with a medium-wide forefoot and tapered toes. Skived leather shanks provide maximum flexibility and conform to the arch. The Developpe is available in a #3 leather board shank as well as a #5.5 leather board shank. Pointe shoe ribbons and elastics are sold separately.

The Scoop

  • Moderate toe shape, slightly tapered, with narrow heel
  • Lower crown
  • Medium vamp, round shape throat with moderate side and heel measurements
  • Reinforced paste formula
  • Traditional side seam, satin binding with elastic drawstring
  • Feather, full wing-box for lateral support with high and wide platform for stability
  • Reduced sole length eliminates excess at the heel


We unfortunately are unable to give sizing suggestions for pointe shoes without a fitting as a proper fit is of utmost importance. We highly recommend to always have a pointe shoe fitting appointment with a trained fitter.