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Bloch S0277L-PNK

Pump Canvas Ballet Slippers - Adult

$11.88 $31.95

The Pump is soft and durable encouraging the canvas to hug the arch. The tear drop shaped pads at the toe and heel promote extra flexibility for the foot to arch. This shoe is made using a traditional construction technique used by cobblers and still used in the manufacture of pointe shoes - fun fact!

The Scoop

  • Canvas
  • Spilt sole suede foot pads
  • Elastic drawstring
  • Criss cross elastics only attached at heel to allow for a more custom placement - some sewing will be required :)


Recommended Sizing - Child sizes begin with street shoe. Adult sizes begin roughly 2 sizes down from street shoe size. Width suggestions; A - narrow, B - average, C - average/wide, D - wide.