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Sleek Fit Supple Pointe Shoes - Deep Vamp/Low Heel


The model you select should reflect the general shape of your foot from the metatarsal to the heel. For a tapered, "V"-shaped foot, the Sleek Fit has a slim metatarsal and a truly narrow midfoot and heel.

Gaynor Minden shanks do not break in or soften, and all are equally durable and long-lasting. Make sure your new shoe is pliable enough to allow you to achieve a high demi-pointe easily.

The Deep vamp comes standard on all sizes and models, and is 1/4" (0.6 cm) longer than the Low vamp. The High heel is 3/8" (1 cm) longer than the Low heel. Low heels are standard on Gaynor Minden Sleek models. 


We unfortunately are unable to give sizing suggestions for pointe shoes without a fitting as a proper fit is of utmost importance. We highly recommend to always have a pointe shoe fitting appointment with a trained fitter.