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Bloch S0155L-PNK

Tensus Demi Pointe Shoes - Adult


Did you know that Bloch first developed the Demi-pointe shoe in the 1960s? They did this to provide a transitional shoe to help train dancers for pointe work. 

Demi's - Soft Blocks - Pre-Pointe - they are called many things! Whatever you'd like to call them they provide an amazing foundation to build the necessary strength in the foot and leg muscles required for pointe work.

The Scoop

  • Pink satin upper
  • Leather outsole
  • Made on the Aspiration last
  • Square shaped box
  • Low cut sides
  • Narrow heel
  • Style: S0155


Recommended Sizing - We unfortunately are unable to give sizing suggestions for pointe shoes without a fitting as a proper fit is of utmost importance. We highly recommend to always have a pointe shoe fitting appointment with a trained fitter.